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You have the option to invite up to two (2) additional friends to receive the same money at the same time if you desire. Simply engage in activities such as being AFK (away from keyboard) or exploring the game world by riding around

It’s important to highlight that the money will be remotely added to your account while you are in the lobby. Therefore, there is no need for you to log into your account separately to receive the cash. This method ensures a convenient and streamlined process.

It’s essential to mention that this service only provides cash, and no gold will be added. This is a strictly cash-only lobby focused on increasing your basic in-game currency. If you wish to acquire gold bars, you will need to purchase a Red Dead account boost service.

After placing your order fill in the order form with your best contact email, gamertag and up to two(2) additional friends gamertags. Order confirmation is usually within several minutes via the live chat or email, make sure to check your spam/junk folder.

Easy Process
RDR$ money drops are dropped remotely to you in a private session.

Fill in the order form
After placing the order, fill in the order form with your gamertag and the gamertags of up to two(2) additional friends who may want to join the lobby also.

Delivery Guarantee
You will now receive an email from us to organize a convenient time for you to start your money drop lobby.

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