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As undetected as my service is, I still strongly advise keeping the spending on a level around average. Never try to spend more than $10 Million per IRL 24 hour period unless to buy a decked out galaxy super yacht, and make it look inconsistent, like some days only spend 1 or 2 Million, some days only refill your ammo, etc, etc. No need to act like Donald Trump suddenly and get a hanger full of planes all maxed and 60 cars within 24 hours.

Spread the spending out basically and make it look random, go some days without even spending a dime, other days spend 5 or 6 million. Just don’t go overboard with the spending every day.

Also, while having a high amount of my cash in and of itself does not flag your account, you partaking in $2,500 bag money drop lobbies that modders may host in a freeroam session after your order has been rendered, would generate a high amount of network transactions, events of which when coupled with having an already existing high amount of cash, may then flag your account for manual review by a RS admin.

So basically in a nutshell, once you have received a service from me, it’s generally just not a good idea to partake in drop lobbies for a month or 2.
But in all honesty, I’ld given you enough extra cash on your order so you wouldn’t even have to.

And of course, it should go without saying, continue to partake in regularfreeroam contests, missions/jobs, heists, races, and CEO/Nightclub/Bunker/Motorcycle Club sales, deliveries, and procurement on a regular basis. I cannot stress this point enough.

Just because you’re about to be rolling in the dough, does not mean that you have to become a spiteful elitist kd warrior posting toxic hate-filled comments in the game chat like a spoiled brat 😉


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