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GTA 5 money drop

There have always been numerous rumors and back-handed ideas about what is and is not safe when modding gta online, whether it be casual modding once or twice, modding regularly but discretly to avoid reports, or even modding money in such as GTA 5 money drops or more commonly called “recoveries” or “account boosting”.

Some of the ideas that have been put forth in various discussions range from the reasonable, to the technical, to at times, the absolutely ridiculous; such as using a modified HOSTS file saved in your windows system folder or only using mods in solo private sessions, I mean … c’mon now really? So many ideas about what is and is not safe when modding gta online or modding money drops and the sort circulate the internet, primarly cheating forums or discord servers are where such ideas are propogated from.

The 2 main things that yo ureally need to keep in mind about gta 5 modding online, and specifically the topic of gaining modded money, can be drilled down to 3 points

1. Whether the mod software being used to add gta 5 money drops to your account blocks the background anti-cheat script and in turn also blocks DLL signature scans, which Rockstar oftentimes do to most all of the lower tier mod menus on a regualr basis. A “sigged” mod menu that does not block the background scripts anti cheat that reads the dll signature of loaded modules WILL get your GTA 5 account suspended by merely loading the menu itself into an online session injected into your GTA 5 game, without you actually using or even opening the menu.

2. Rockstar Games actively reverse engineers mod menus to some degree, such as outlined in my point above, but to another extent of discovering certain GLOBALS, HASHES, and ARGUMENTS set in the menu’s gta money drop method, and so can push small updates regularly on the server side of things that loosly track monetary transactions and essentially detect one menu’s money drop method, while another completely different mod menu may still go on for several more weeks or maybe months before it’s self money drop may become detected. All even the the menu itself may not be detected, a lot of public menu’s self money drop method may become detected at certain points in time.

3. About remotely dropping GTA 5 money onto other players, usually in the form of white poly bags in the amount of $2,500 for each bag the other player may pick up, Rockstar have a small division of employees whose whole job is to be in GTA online in SCTV spectator player slots (which don’t appear in the regular game’s session player list) looking for money drop modders who are dropping gta money for other players. These employees have the clearance level to file suspensions against the modder who is dropping the money as well as the players who are recieving the illigetimate funds.

You either have to do a lot of research, then do a lot more research if you truly value your GTA 5 online account OR trust someone to mod your gta 5 account who has already done a lot of research and has the experience to money drop your gta online account.

You may want to re-read what I’ve said thus far about the subject matter, as some of it is a little technical, but is worth mulling over a second time if you truly want to take safety into account when modding GTA 5 Online money. I will delve into other aspects of safety procedures in later blog posts, so be on the lookout.

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