100% safe GTA money drops, rp, and unlock mods for the 1.42 Doomsday Heist DLC

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After placing an order Please send me a message on Discord or send me an email at gtamoneydrop.com@gmail.com with the subject line ORDER containing the PayPal invoice number and your Discord nametag on my Discord server. An email will also be sent to the PayPal email which will contain an explanation of the process and how it works, to get your order fulfilled as efficiently as possable.
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Hours of operation are 7pm (1900) - 7am Eastern Time (US) | 7 days a week | view ET clock


With 12 hours a day dedicated to rendering gta service every day, you can quickly see the results from the new view of your high rise CEO office in luxury, or conduct your research and manufacturing in the safety of your bunker. You won't find that anywhere else!

0% ban rate

We utilize special coding methods that are tested proven safe and undetected as compared to other fly-by-night modders who 'cheap out' and use cheap or even worse, completely copy-pasta skidded or free mods that last about as long as a fart in the wind.

Best communication

From initial contact all the way thru to completion, we will have an an open line of live communication with you to answer any questions you may have about the service, or just GTA in general.


Easily get all the cash you need to get ahead in the game and buy your way to the top!

Hey, we get it. How many times are we going to run the Humane Labs Raid and Pacific Heist missions this week, you ask yourself. You can almost do it with your eyes closed right? And then theres the new players who got put into your crew and are health deadly, costing you wasted time and effort, all the while you have your eye on running your own arms dealership from your bunker, a Motorcycle Club, or exporting exotic cars for your CEO organization. Or even just get a couple of the new cars and bikes like the APC or Mobile Operations Command unit.

You need not worry anymore, everything you want is right here at your fingertips. Efficient, safe, and affordable. Grind when you want to, don't grind if you don't want to. We all play the game differently, and it's all about us enjoying ourselves and having a good time, yes?

Our scripts are specially designed and extensively safety tested daily to bypass all of the anticheats present in all current DLCs up to and including the latest 1.42 DoomsDay Heist DLC. So with hundreds of satisfied, and still unbanned and unwiped clients and friends living the high GTA life, whats holding you back?

Contact skype: live:gtamoneydrop.com
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Get a money drop

  • Initial contact

    You contact me via Skype/Chat/or email, and we discuss your needs and price of service.

  • Meet in-game

    I add your Social Club IGN as a friend, invite you to a high-pop lobby (R* watches invite and friend lobbies closely, but rely on players reporting to monitor high population public lobbies), and drop a few seconds free-of-charge to prove I'm legit.

  • Begin the drop

    Once payment is complete, I drop safe money over you for the duration of your purchased amount. I'm known for giving some extra $$$!

  • Finished!

    Once drop is complete, I would greatly appreciate it if you could leave a vouch comment about the experience for me to use in marketing. You can now go ahead and live the #GTAHighLife!

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Money drop prices
RP, LS Customs unlocks, and max skills come free with everything, and are optional.

Bring a friend too

Vouches and testimonials
Full list of current vouches updated daily can be found on the community discord server   See daily updated vouches and testimonials on our Discord community
  • Testimonial Avatar

    "Thats $56 mil my dude, thanks. I'll contact you for any more business. My brother may want to buy from u soon."

    Harry D.

  • Testimonial Avatar

    "We got more than enough!"

    Mr. hhhhhhhhhhh

  • Testimonial Avatar

    "We are good thanks and thanks for not robbing me"

    Zach D.

  • Testimonial Avatar

    "Thanks man your Legit man!"

    Richard M.

  • Testimonial Avatar

    "I got 25 million in drops, thank you so much dude, you're %[email protected]*!^( awesome"

    Nick R.r

  • Testimonial Avatar

    "i have plenty of money to spend now. thanks a whole bunch and i'll keep in touch if i have friends who need."

    Kyle B.

  • Testimonial Avatar

    "Very happy. I'll send some new customers your way."


  • Testimonial Avatar

    "we're good, good luck to you too, my brother contact you tomorrow."


  • Testimonial Avatar

    "you gave 73 million, swet thanks!!!!"


  • Testimonial Avatar

    "That's more than enough for me lol. I know youre legit"

    Charles M

  • Testimonial Avatar

    "Yea. 59mil. Thx again"

    Apex P.

  • Testimonial Avatar

    "Thanks man! I appreciate your services, I'm going to tell some friends and I will use you again!"

    Ronnie B.

  • Testimonial Avatar

    "thank you so much. I'm so glad that I found you"

    Jie L.

  • Testimonial Avatar

    "Good. I have someone else that would like to buy too."

    Anson S.

  • Testimonial Avatar

    "Thanks for the money haha."


  • Testimonial Avatar

    "Yeah 40mil is awesome, thanks. lol I love your driving."


  • Testimonial Avatar

    "thanks so much man."

    Ian W.

  • Testimonial Avatar

    "Ya. It's good."


  • Testimonial Avatar

    "Im at 50m I think im good haha u r the best bro."


  • Testimonial Avatar

    "I tipped for good services."

    Vladut G.

  • Testimonial Avatar

    "thanks again for the money, ill tell my friends about you"

    Cajun dawg.

  • Testimonial Avatar

    "pleasure doing business"

    Jacob S.

News and other cool stuff


Rockstar does not ban legit players who recieve modded money online [Rockstar Games official statement].

I am not to be held responsable for any bans caused by you engaging in online modding and/or recovery before or after my service is complete. By doing business with me, you accept any consequences caused by your own modifications to rest upon you. NO REFUNDS ONCE SERVICE HAS BEEN RENDERED. I do not recommend anyone take up modding GTA online themselves. The GTA:O modding community is cancerous irregardless to be honest.


Tell a friend about our safe and undetectable GTA money drop service and make sure that they mention your IGN, and if they buy a direct mod or money drop, I will reward you for sending me new customers. Just be sure that they mention your IGN gamertag.


I myself don't have much tolerance for modders who grief legit players in public lobbies for some form of 'funny' reaction, or even worse causing longtime loss of resources or freedom to enjoy themselves. I'll let this dude here explain in better words than I can.


12/29/17 Website moved to a new host. DNS propogation can last up to 48 hours, so some ppl may experience some downtime while others somewhere else in the world may view the site fine. Also, message board added, but needs to be completely set up.

12/23/17 Mod service is fully updated and tested against the 1.42 Doomsday Heist DLC. here is a video of the process of how it works now

12/12/17 Mod service is temporarily disabled for a day or two updating and thouroughly testing against the 1.42 Doomsday Heist DLC. Enjoy the update mates! :)

11/09/17 Discord has recently chosen to delete our 1,000+ member discord server for violating the cheating programs/software clauses of their ToS, so for a time, only verified customers and trusted people have access to our Discord community.

8/30/17 All mod services, including RP, money drop, and unlocks, have been updated and tested thoroughly. Service is back open.

8/29/17 1.42 Smuggler's Run DLC has been released. All service and lobbies are temporarily down, pending updating and retesting of our mod scripts

7/1/17 Instead of 2k ambient drops, a self 15mil & 10k special mission entity loop method will be used to make things speedier. All orders come with any rank set 127-217, max skill stats (Strength, shooting, stealth & flying) and unlocking LS customs if desired. I certainly am in possession of script event $50k securoserv cash loop method, however post 1.40 Gunrunning DLC, these script events are easily tracked by RS and result in money produced from it wiped from the player's cash balances at about a 50% chance. Therefore its just a waste of my time and treading water.